Where classic meets digital

Who lives in which apartment? Are all bills paid? How much
return does property X generate? What rents are outstanding?
Have all service charges been claimed? These and other
questions occupy everyone who owns real estate – day after day.

Lifewire combines the traditional tasks of property management
with today’s digital standards, giving you access to the relevant
data of your property at any time and Lifewire takes care of the
management for you.


Administrative management

  • Action and drafting of rental agreements
  • Conclusion, renewal and termination of rental and lease agreements
  • Monitoring of house rules and cooperation with landlords
  • Real rent structure
  • Settlement with the insurance industry
  • Conclusion, review and documentation of building-specific service contracts
  • Object transfers

Technical management

  • Acceptance and handover of rental objects
  • Monitoring the periodic inspection of the property
  • Maintenance and renovation planning
  • Processing of legally required maintenance, repairs, race innovations and purchases
  • Purchase of heating energy

Sell and purchase real estate

  • Marketing of your property
  • Consultation of buyer and seller
  • Valuations of your property
  • Market observations and recommendations

Commercial management

  • Management real estate accounting
  • Processing of rent adjustments
  • Preparation of the service charge settlement
  • Key figures, budget and invoice control
  • Preparation of cost estimates and comparative offers

Financial Consulting and Accounting

  • One contact person for your company and your property
  • Financial accounting
  • Payroll accounting
  • Foundations
  • Relocation of headquarters
  • Taxes and value-added tax


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